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Melbourne VIC, Australia

Meet Eddie...

Eddie was newly built by the talented team of Spitfire Vintage Caravans. These guys bring in the bling 🤩 so your function gets some extra attention... if you know what I mean 😉

Eddie is fully equipt and can be parked almost anywhere from your driveway, back yard, under or in a shed area, open fields and almost any venue. It's 2.6 meters high, 5 meters long including tow bar and just less than 2 meters wide 🤗 


We can use any regular 10 amp power point at your private property or at a hired venue, we can also provide a generator if the event is at an open area with no power supply. 

Eddie has three large serving windows that are open to an impressive wooden bar, a three door underbar fridge, top-quality equipped kitchen area and... 🍒... a top quality Ice bank system built by the talented owner and head brewer of Edge Brewing Adam. 

Our beer system is equipped with 4 taps to serve beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks of your choice, (yes all can be served from the taps) meaning we are helping to support the environment by buying fewer beer bottles, wine bottles, cans or any other type of waste such as beer caps, wine corks, labels and more! Aiming for a greener bar service 🙏🏻 

*Hiring Eddie with any of our packages is at a discounted fee of $350 (equivalent to hiring a coolroom trailer or a very simple set up bar). We believe it is a very low price for the value and the wow effect Eddie will add to any event.

*Hiring Eddie without any of our packages is at a fee of $740 including two bartenders to set up and serve drinks provided by you (this price does not include drinks) for the duration of 4 hours (if you wish to extend service times call or email halon@carmelioldfashioncooking.com.au).

Eddie requires special care and maintenance which we are trained in therefore we do not allow hiring Eddie alone.  

*Prices includes:

  • Liquor licence for the duration of the event (for private events only and only during the time we are present, our licence cannot be used after we called last drinks and left your property or chosen venue or after midnight during Monday - Saturday and 8pm on Sundays)  

  • Transportation.

  • Equipment use including: A high quality ice bank system, dishwasher, a very large under bar fridge and more. 

  • Insurance, on caravan and caravan use.

  • Glassware and washing.

  • Set up, pack up and the time it takes.


However, if you choose to hire us for both food and beverage catering we will wave those fees.

The Glassware We Use...

We proudly serve your drinks in beautifully presented unbreakable glassware which are looking like glass, feeling like glass and are completely safe for you and your guests. If your function is inside your home or out in the back yard, next to your swimming pool or even in it you will be worry free for the duration of your event 👍🏻

Happily Ever Crafter...

It's Very Clear I Love Craft Beer👆🏻

Believe it when I say it I care about the beverages we serve just as much as the food we serve.


In a very brave attempt to bring the craft beer into the event industry I have contacted one of my most favourite breweries in Melbourne, Dainton Brewery located in Carrum Downs VIC.


I shared my little vision with them and was more than excited being announced with a big positive yes 🙌🏻

Dainton's funny story starts at -


"Using the only decent Christmas present his mum ever gave him – a home brew kit in 2008

Dan Dainton started his brewing saga punching out some pretty horrible tasting home-brews

from his shed in Brunswick West"...


Like the way this story starts? visit here to read all about it... 

We will be serving Dainton's core range of craft beers. information about their core range


For the adventurous type, you can enquire limited releases


Dainton proudly earned many well deserved awards which you can read about under each of the beers on their website.

Crafty Without Being Nasty...

I Insisted On Having Wine On Tap...

It took months of research, struggle, tone of phone calls and a continuing red eye condition from spending hours in front of the screen until one day a friend suggested these guys 😅

Noisy Ritual Urban Winery has a very interesting story:



Like the way this story goes? visit here to read all about it... 

Thanks to a very quick response and the wonderful can do attitude from the guys at Noisy Ritual we can now proudly serve wine from our taps and help our planet as well as enjoying some incredible wine... 

To read more about the wines click here