Meet Eddie Our Mobile Caravan Bar...

Eddie is a newly built fully equipped vintage-style caravan bar which can be parked in most locations as long as the surface is fairly flat and solid.


Built to impress: 

When closed Eddie seems like it has no windows, however,

its entire front opens up to an all-round wooden bar.


Size specifications: 

  • 5 meters long including tow bar

  • 2.6 meters high 

  • 2 meters wide


Our shiny knight needs access to electricity:

To operate we need access to electricity if power is not accessible a generator can be provided for an additional cost. 

Insanely impressive bar experience: 

We have installed two tap systems to provide you and your guest with an exceptional bar experience!

  • Four taps running through a high-quality Italian made ice bank system will assure beer, white wine, bubbles and cocktails are always served cold, fresh and quickly throughout the event.

  • Two room temperature taps are used to serve red wine, sangria and other cocktails which don't require cooling. 

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Behind the privacy wall... 👇🏻

The Glassware We Use...

Our motto is safety comes first' therefore, we have invested in stylish and beautifully presented unbreakable glassware. It has the look and feels of glass without the breaking part of it...

Contact us if you wish to discuss other options.

Included With Hire

  • Our shiny knight Eddie the caravan

  • Experienced bar staff RSA certified. 

  • Unbreakable stylish glassware, barware and menu. 

  • Tap system one - High-quality Italian ice bank system with four taps.

  • Tap system two - Two taps for red wine and room temperature cocktails. 

  • Three-door under bar fridge with sliding doors. 

  • Commercial oven.

  • Hot water system with two water taps, sensor tap for handwashing, a pull-on tap for dishes and two sinks. 

  • Dishwasher/sanitiser.

  • Infused water.

  • Options for styling Eddie can be discussed. 

More reasons for hiring us:

  • Liquor licence - In some venues or at council public grounds you will be required to provide a temporary liquor licence, hiring us comes with the benefit of skipping this step saving you precious time and money. 

  • Public liability Insurance - Yes, we are insured. 

  • Cleaning and maintenance - Cleaning and maintenance of Eddie and the equipment in it is done by us leaving you carefree for the duration of your event and after. 

  • Set up and pack up - We set up, we serve we pack up.

Why Choosing A Tap Based Service

Kegs are the future of bar service, some of the benefits are: 


  • It's jaw-dropping impressive! - literally! Eyes wide open and dropped jaw is what you'll see on your guests every time they get a cocktail on tap, pinky promise!

  • Quick bar service - No ice bags, No corks, no bottle openers, no cans, no rubbish to pick up, no running around! The bartender is always there to grab a glass and pour a drink, it's simple, it's clean it's quick.

  • High-quality beverages at affordable prices - Using kegs allows us to cater you with high-quality craft beverages for a price lower then you'll pay at your most affordable bottle shop. Craft food along with craft beverages that's what you want on your wedding day.

  • No mass, hustles, no injuries - No tippy-toeing around the bar, knocking off open bottles and cans, continuously looking for that bottle opener, no long lineup at the bar and iffy faces your event will be running smoothly 'kegs are connected, drinks are flowing everyone is happy'. 

  • Environmentally Friendly - It's self explainable really, but let us do the math if you cater for 100 guests and the average drinks per guest are at a minimum of four you saved this planet from at least 400 bottles or cans. We think that's amazing! Go you!

It is against the law:

• for a licensee to sell liquor to under 18s Penalty exceeds $19,000

• for any person to supply liquor to under 18s Penalty exceeds $19,000

• for under 18s to purchase, receive, possess or consume liquor Penalty exceeds $800

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