Shell canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cookin

Cold Canapés

Signature casual selection $2.50 each or as part of a package

© Marking our original recipes  

Sweet and sour canapé catering in Melbou

Sweet & Sour

 grilled pumpkin goat cheese passion fruit

and rosemary ©

Olive you canapés catering in Melbourne

Olive You

A mix of pan-fried olives artichoke spices and thyme ©

Shell canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cookin

Bright Shroom

Spiced grilled mushrooms feta

and herbs ©

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Bon Appétit

French-style tomato and olive mousse with blue cheese and sprouts ©

Classic Italiano canapé catering in Melb

Classico Italiano

Bocconcini cheese cherry tomato and homemade pesto ©

Smokey touch canapé catering in Melbourn

Smoky Touch

Spiced and pan-fried tricolour peppers with a touch of smoked cheddar from our local smokehouse ©  

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Hint Of Mint

Thinly sliced Israeli salad with zesty lemon and olive oil sauce shaved parmesan and a hint

of mint ©

It's not pink it's salmon canapé caterin

It's Not Pink It's Salmon

Wood smoked salmon, capers, homemade aioli and thyme ©

Dolmades CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking Cat


Greek vine leafs stuffed with rice

Signature premium selection $3.5 each or as part of a package

Chilli berry canapés catering in Melbour

Chilli Berry

Triple Brie, blackberry chili balsamic in a pastry shell ©

fish ceviche tostadas canapé catering in

Ceviche Tostada 

Fresh fish or prawn ceviche on mini blue or white corn tostada ©

Fromage fort canapé catering in Melbourn

Fromage Fort

A French white wine and mix cheese dip in a pastry shell.

Grilled fish tostadas canapé catering in

Crispy Bite

Herbed grilled fish on a bed of coleslaw and mini blue corn tostada ©

Mousse de sammon canapés catering in Mel

Mousse De Sammon

French style salmon mousse topped with black caviar and fresh parsley ©

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Veggie Sushi

Grilled eggplant, zucchini and red capsicum spiced and rolled topped with

an olive ©

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

The Pancake Cure

Homemade savoury pancake topped with beetroot cured salmon, saffron cream cheese and sprouts ©

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Adam Delights

A base of sweet potato topped with herbed cream cheese and salmon roses ©

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Noble Miriam 

Greek feta cheese rolled in grilled eggplant herbs and spices ©

Cold Canapés CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Antipasto Bite

A base of homemade fritter topped with sour cream zesty red capsicum and Spanish eggplant ©

Hot finger foods CarmEli Old Fashion Coo

Hot Finger Food 

Casual selection $2 each or as part of a package

Traditional arancini finger food caterin

Traditional Arancini

Italian fried rice balls with a centre of melted mozzarella cheese

Moroccan potato  & onion pastel finger f

Moroccan Potato &

Onion Pastel

Crunchy pastry with a mouth-watering soft filling of Moroccan mashed potato and onion mix ©

Thai spring rolls finger food catering i

Thi Spring Rolls

Our speciality Thai style spring rolls ©

Spinach ricotta CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Spinach Ricotta

Famous since 2015 our homemade spinach ricotta pie no eggs just pure gooeyness © 

Greek style quiche CarmEli Old Fashion C

Greek Styleis'h

Sun-dried tomato, olives & Feta quiche ©

Pumpkin & cream CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Pumpkin & Cream

Grilled pumpkin cream and herbs quiche ©

Smoked goat CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Smoked Goat

Smoked ricotta cherry tomatoes and goat cheese ©

Hawaiian chicken CarmEli Old Fashion Coo

Hawaiian Chicken

Coconut creamed chicken pie topped with melty mozzarella ©

Creamed dreams vegan quiche CarmEli Old
Stuffed mushrooms CarmEli Old Fashion Co

Creamed Dreams

Vegan creamed onion and smoked carrot ©

Mey's Mushrooms

Cup mushrooms stuffed with homemade pesto and cheese ©

Beef sausage rolls CarmEli Old Fashion C

Beef Sausage Rolls

Middle Eastern style beef sausage rolls made without eggs or breadcrumbs ©

Zucchini slice CarmEli Old Fashion Cooki

Zucchini Slice

Homemade zucchini slice, cream and cheese ©

Veggie frittata CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Veggie Frittata

Homemade corn, pea, carrot and cheese

frittata ©

CarmEli's Corn Pops CarmEli Old Fashion

CarmEli's Corn Pops

Fried creamed potato and corn ©

Mini parma CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking C

Mini Chicken Parma

Fried mini chicken fillets topped with our homemade tomato sauce and grilled mozzarella 

Finger food and canapés CarmEli Old Fash

Premium selection $3 - $4 each or as part of a package

Cheesy Arancini CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Cheesy Arancini

A mixture of pesto and cheese fried rice ball © 

Feisty Arancini CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Feisty Arancini

Olive and sun-dried tomato pesto arancini ©

Bitter Sweet Arancini CarmEli Old Fashio

Bitter Sweet

Pumpkin, feta and rosemary arancini ©

Eggplant Croquette CarmEli Old Fashion C

Eggplant Croquette

Eggplant and herbs

fried croquette © 

Eggplant & Leek Croquettes CarmEli Old F

Golden Babies

Spanish eggplant & leek croquettes (dairy) ©

Chicken Croquettes CarmEli Old Fashion C
Moroccan chicken skewers CarmEli Old Fas
Crumbed prawns CarmEli Old Fashion Cooki
BBQ prawns CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking C
Fried goat CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking C

Chicken Croquettes

Spanish chicken croquettes (dairy) ©

Chicken Skewres

Moroccan spiced

chicken skewers © 

Crunchy Prawn

Crumbed fried prawns on a skewer ©

BBQ Prawns

Spiced grilled prawns on a skewer ©

Fried Goat

Crumbed fried goat cheese © 

Prawn and lime spring rolls CarmEli Old

Prawn Spring Roll

Prawn spring roll with a scent of lime ©

Beef Spring Rolls CarmEli Old Fashion Co

Beef Spring Roll

Pure Greek style spiced ground beef rolls © 

Chicken Schnitzel Burger CarmEli Old Fas

Schnitzel Burger

Chicken Schnitzel mayo spinach and tomato burger © 

Bring On The Prawn Burger CarmEli Old Fa

Bring On The Prawn

Crispy smoked prawn with homemade coleslaw and bocconcini cheese ©

Naked Chick Burger CarmEli Old Fashion C

Naked Chick

Grilled chicken fillet, homemade tomato sauce, halloumi, herbs and chips ©

Beefcake Burger CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Beefcake Burger

Homemade beef patty, tomato, spinach cheese and mayo ©

Emma's Burger CarmEli Old Fashion Cookin

Emma's Burger

Sweet potato, eggplant, beetroot, goat cheese and herbs © 

The Nolan Burger CarmEli Old Fashion Coo

The Nolan Burger

Pesto, mayo, mushroom, tomato, lettuce, halloumi jalapeno chili ©

Fish & Chips Burger CarmEli Old Fashion

UK Burger

Homemade fish and chips with homemade aioli sauce ©

Vegan Burger CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Vegan As Burger

Homemade vegan patty, tomato, vegan cheese and herbs ©

Salmon thyme CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking

Smoked Salmon

Spinach, smoked salmon and capers ©

Margarita Pizza CarmEli Old Fashion Cook


Homemade tomato sauce mozzarella

and herbs  © 

Antipasto salmon CarmEli Old Fashion Coo

Antipasto Pizza

Antipasto veggies with homemade aioli ©

Beetroot supreme CarmEli Old Fashion Coo

Beetroot Supreme

Beetroot, goat cheese, cupcicam and herbs ©

Mushroom lovers CarmEli Old Fashion Cook

Mushroom Lovers

Mix of mushrooms and parmesan cheese ©

Margarita Calzone CarmEli Old Fashion Co

Margarita Calzone

Traditional calzone made with tomato sauce Mozzarella & herbs ©

Artichoke And Olive Calzone CarmEli Old

Loaded Calzone

Artichoke, olive and ricotta calzone ©

Empanadas CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking Ca


Spanish pastry vegetarian or beef ©

Cold Canapés, CarmEli Old Fashion Cooking Catering In Melbourne